French Development Agency grants Armenia with drip irrigation systems

The EUR10m worth grant program “Development of irrigated agriculture in Ararat and Armavir marzes of Armenia” will kick off in Armenia with support from French Development Agency.
The funds will be mostly allocated to expansion of cultivated lands in a number of communities, installation of drip irrigation systems, and consulting services.

Armenian Minister of Agriculture Arthur Khachatryan, French Ambassador to Armenia Jonathan Lacote and Head of South Caucasus Office of French Development Agency (AFD) Gaelle Assayag have met in Yerevan on August 2 to discuss the grant program.

Arthur Khachatryan introduced Jonathan Lacote and Gaelle Assayag to the priorities of Armenian agriculture, the vectors of the agrarian policy conducted by the government, and ongoing programs.

Additionally, the Minister of Agriculture attached importance to engaging small farms in state aid programs, securing agricultural production of high value, expanding and combining cultivated lands, and introducing mechanisms that will facilitate the process.

Khachatryan also noted that intensive gardening is another component of development of the agricultural sector.



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