Making irrigation more efficient and effective

Water was once considered a limitless resource. We now know that fresh water supplies are limited and that the demands on available water will continue to grow. To safeguard water resources, growers are constantly evaluating their methods of irrigation. Numerous farmers are converting from surface irrigation to much more efficient methods, such as center pivot and linear irrigation.

Through years of research, CHAMSA has found that center pivots are much more efficient to install, maintain, and operate than surface irrigation. The URAPIVOT brand of center pivots save growers substantial costs and ensure available, valuable water is being used efficiently. These pivot systems also minimize risk and use the minimum amount of water for the maximum results. Non-traditional irrigation areas are now developing due to these factors, as growers become willing to invest in technologies that pay back greatly in years that provide very limited natural moisture.

Advances in farm technology allow for better irrigation management and increasingly accurate water application. That technology can span from simple choices to sophisticated management tools.
Producers can maximize their return on investment with longer URAPIVOT spans by increasing irrigated areas for greater returns and reducing per hectare costs. Longer spans decrease the initial investment in center pivot and linear machines by reducing the number of tires, gearboxes, and motors that need to be purchased, which also means less crop damage and less wear and tear on equipment.

CHAMSA engineers design and test the longer spans to withstand the most demanding strength and durability tests in the industry. These spans meet the same performance standards as all other URAPIVOT spans.

Over the next 50 years, the fresh water we need for agriculture and basic human consumption will become increasingly scarce. In order to meet the rising global demand for food, more farmland will need to be irrigated. And, it must be irrigated efficiently to lessen the impact on our limited natural resources. Adopting new irrigation technology will allow farmers to satisfy the increasing demand for food and fiber while conserving natural resources. Today’s growers and Grupo Chamartín are leading the way, feeding the world, and intensifying modern agriculture.



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