Pivots-Variable Application of Irrigation Water. Looking at VRI systems.

Variable rate application of many crop inputs is a cornerstone of precision agriculture. There has been much work investigating the effects of variable rate application of […]

AUSTRALIA – Shallow surface drainage improves the performance of border-check irrigation systems

Waterlogging and poor irrigation uniformity can limit the yield potential of border-check irrigation systems. In places where border-check is the main irrigation system used, soils have very low […]

AUSTRALIA – Alberta assures farmers with crop insurance to combat uncertain harvest

Crop insurance claims process could be sped up if necessary, says Agriculture Minister Alberta Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier is poised to speed up if necessary crop […]

Pakistan farmers receive assistance to learn water-saving management, improve agriculture sector

The University of Sargodha (UoS) and the University of Canberra (UC) joined hands to help Pakistani farmers better manage agricultural affairs under a project funded by […]

Australian Deputy Prime Minister: Northern Australia can benefit from water development boom

WATER is the lifeblood which empowers regional communities throughout Australia to make a significant contribution to our nation. Australian farmers never shied away from the fact the […]

Salinity crisis destroying Australia’s farmland, but farmers hope to stop it

Australia has a silent crisis on its hands and the threat is looming just beneath the ground of the country’s most fertile food bowls. Dryland salinity, […]