The key to drought-tolerant crops may be in the leaves

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How to maximize rain water as irrigation in drought-stricken farms?

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Climate-smart practices to help farmers in Kenya cope with water scarcity

As Kenya experiences rain water scarcity, agricultural experts encourage farmers to adopt climate-smart practices to cope with unpredictable weather changes. Moreover, farmers immediately plant cover crops, […]

Indian governor exhorts scientists to develop new water, soil conservation tech

Governor Banwarilal Purohit called upon the scientists to develop water and soil conservation technologies in tune with new era mode to help the farming community tackle […]

Farmers find water efficiency and better crop yields in smart irrigation technology

Across all farmers, desire to invest in smart irrigation systems may not be high, but it depends upon who is asked. In fact, when Alpha Brown, an […]

Are our water vapour emissions warming the climate?

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CRISPR could help crops survive climate change

Plants have never experienced where our climate is going — one researcher wants to prepare them for the worst. In Northern Europe, drought decimates the corn […]

Climate changes require better adaptation to drought

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Iraq plans to rehabilitate traditional irrigation methods to cope with drought and water scarcity

Iraq’s farmlands are declining due to lack of rainfall and depleted soils, a report by the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics has revealed. Wheat and barley […]

Technologies will tackle irrigation inefficiencies in agriculture’s drier future

Water is a finite but crucial resource. In most river basins around the world, water is diverted for industrial, municipal and domestic consumption. It’s also a […]