La eficiencia como punto de partida del Plan Renove de 2021 , aumentará su aportación hasta los 9,5 millones

Se propone la continuación del Plan Renove, que en el proyecto de Presupuestos Generales del Estado (PGE) para 2021 cuenta con una partida de 9,5 millones de […]

Using treated graywater for irrigation is better for arid environments

Reusing graywater in dry areas may require treatment for more efficient irrigation in arid, sandy soils, according to a new study published in Chemosphere by researchers […]

The key to drought-tolerant crops may be in the leaves

Leaf wax acts as the equivalent of ‘lip balm’ for plants, protecting them from the harmful effects of drought A solution to help farmers to grow […]

Modern Irrigation: More than Techniques

In the last decades, modern irrigation technology has introduced unprecedented concepts and techniques for its improvement and coping with unrelenting changes in the sector. But adapting […]

How to maximize rain water as irrigation in drought-stricken farms?

As California faces more frequent and severe droughts, agriculture, which relies on irrigation from surface water and groundwater, could become expensive and unsustainable. Researchers at the […]

Wastewater from oil companies to convert into irrigation water

The Encore Green Environmental company aims to maximize the use oil-and-gas wastewater by irrigating arid lands in New Mexico. Produced water is a byproduct from oil […]

Low pressure irrigation nozzle conserves water resources in low rainfall zones

WORKING across semi-arid farming regions across the globe, anyone employed by the International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dryland Areas (ICARDA) is going to know the […]

The shape of water: How agtech is making irrigation more efficient

New technologies are revolutionary but leave some small farmers hamstrung by the mismatch between the problems they face and the solutions being provided by the startup […]

Pivot irrigation of trees

More and more farmers worldwide choose high-profile mechanized irrigation systems for tall-growing crops, to ensure the lush growth of citrus and other fruit trees, bananas, nut […]

Ghana’s cocoa sector to benefit from Drip Irrigation System

Ghana’s cocoa sector is set to benefit from Israel’s Drip Irrigation System. The adoption of the system will help in an all-year round farming. The system, […]