How much water flows into agricultural irrigation?

Findings will lead to better agriculture choices and water management decisions. Irrigation for agriculture is the largest use of fresh water around the globe, but precise […]

How to maximize rain water as irrigation in drought-stricken farms?

As California faces more frequent and severe droughts, agriculture, which relies on irrigation from surface water and groundwater, could become expensive and unsustainable. Researchers at the […]

Climate-smart practices to help farmers in Kenya cope with water scarcity

As Kenya experiences rain water scarcity, agricultural experts encourage farmers to adopt climate-smart practices to cope with unpredictable weather changes. Moreover, farmers immediately plant cover crops, […]

Farmers in Kenya experience water shortage

Eunice Kerubo an indigenous vegetable farmers picks black night shade (managu) in her Nkararo farm Narok County on 6/3/2018.Most farmers in the region have embraced irrigation […]

4 Important Ways Precision Technology Is Impacting Irrigation

Variable rate irrigation (VRI) can allow growers to address field variability and potentially conserve resources and improve yield. Water management is becoming an increasing concern in […]

Iraq plans to rehabilitate traditional irrigation methods to cope with drought and water scarcity

Iraq’s farmlands are declining due to lack of rainfall and depleted soils, a report by the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics has revealed. Wheat and barley […]

Farmers in Uganda urge to adopt agro-ecological farming to protect farms and nature

KAMPALA – The Hunger Project Sweden and Uganda, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Sweden and its partner organization in Uganda PELUM Uganda received funding from […]

Bangladesh plans to cultivate saline-affected lands to combat crop losses

Together with ICCO cooperation South and Central Asia, SaltFarm Texel started working on a project of introducing salt tolerant agriculture in Bangladesh. They’re going to help […]

Korean experts say water solution could aid farming and health

The Korean Water Society president spoke to farmers and doctors at the ELF on Friday about how plasma sterilisation water could be used in place of sulfur-based insecticides. Professor […]

Salinity crisis destroying Australia’s farmland, but farmers hope to stop it

Australia has a silent crisis on its hands and the threat is looming just beneath the ground of the country’s most fertile food bowls. Dryland salinity, […]