Using treated graywater for irrigation is better for arid environments

Reusing graywater in dry areas may require treatment for more efficient irrigation in arid, sandy soils, according to a new study published in Chemosphere by researchers […]

The key to drought-tolerant crops may be in the leaves

Leaf wax acts as the equivalent of ‘lip balm’ for plants, protecting them from the harmful effects of drought A solution to help farmers to grow […]

How much water flows into agricultural irrigation?

Findings will lead to better agriculture choices and water management decisions. Irrigation for agriculture is the largest use of fresh water around the globe, but precise […]

Wastewater from oil companies to convert into irrigation water

The Encore Green Environmental company aims to maximize the use oil-and-gas wastewater by irrigating arid lands in New Mexico. Produced water is a byproduct from oil […]

The innovative sponge that must tackle water stress worldwide

A company affiliated with the Dutch Frisian Water Campus has devised an innovation that should help against water stress worldwide. “Sponsh” absorbs water at night and […]

Indian governor exhorts scientists to develop new water, soil conservation tech

Governor Banwarilal Purohit called upon the scientists to develop water and soil conservation technologies in tune with new era mode to help the farming community tackle […]

Drip Irrigation Saves Water and Improves Crop Yields in Mauritania

Water scarcity, high temperatures and sandy soils have been a problem for farmers, especially women farmers, in Mauritania trying to grow vegetables under harsh conditions to […]

4 Important Ways Precision Technology Is Impacting Irrigation

Variable rate irrigation (VRI) can allow growers to address field variability and potentially conserve resources and improve yield. Water management is becoming an increasing concern in […]

New fund utilizes Israeli tech to help small farmers in Africa

JDC program will give thousands of agriculturists access to low-interest loans in bid to improve their crop yields, ensure their products command a fair market price […]

Improving Irrigation and Water Supply Helps Tajikistan’s Poorest Communities

Agriculture plays a vital role in economic growth and poverty reduction in Tajikistan, employing more than half the population and accounting for about a quarter of […]