Modern Irrigation: More than Techniques

In the last decades, modern irrigation technology has introduced unprecedented concepts and techniques for its improvement and coping with unrelenting changes in the sector. But adapting […]

Irrigating in the summer

When? Every day? It is best not to water too often but apply plentifully when you do. Irrigating every day is excessive and does not represent […]

Low pressure irrigation nozzle conserves water resources in low rainfall zones

WORKING across semi-arid farming regions across the globe, anyone employed by the International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dryland Areas (ICARDA) is going to know the […]

The innovative sponge that must tackle water stress worldwide

A company affiliated with the Dutch Frisian Water Campus has devised an innovation that should help against water stress worldwide. “Sponsh” absorbs water at night and […]

A new scheme for recycling flexible irrigation tubes

It was agricultural plastic film in 2009; followed by the twine and net wrap used on round bales in 2013, then anti-hail netting in 2015, and […]

Pivot irrigation of trees

More and more farmers worldwide choose high-profile mechanized irrigation systems for tall-growing crops, to ensure the lush growth of citrus and other fruit trees, bananas, nut […]

Pivots-Variable Application of Irrigation Water. Looking at VRI systems.

Variable rate application of many crop inputs is a cornerstone of precision agriculture. There has been much work investigating the effects of variable rate application of […]

Making irrigation more efficient and effective

Water was once considered a limitless resource. We now know that fresh water supplies are limited and that the demands on available water will continue to […]

Riego solar fotovoltaico, el aliado de la agricultura de regadío

¿Sabías que a partir de 2020, en la UE, el 20 % de la energía consumida debe ser de origen renovable? Y esto también afectará al sector […]

Can rice filter water from agricultural fields?

Rice is a staple food crop of 20 percent of the world’s population. It’s also grown on every continent except Antarctica. While it’s an important part […]