What You Need to Ask Your Drip Irrigation Designer

Drip irrigation has grown in popularity as growers continue to look to conserve water and other resources. The idea of greater water use efficiency (WUE) and […]

Irrigating in the summer

When? Every day? It is best not to water too often but apply plentifully when you do. Irrigating every day is excessive and does not represent […]

Low pressure irrigation nozzle conserves water resources in low rainfall zones

WORKING across semi-arid farming regions across the globe, anyone employed by the International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dryland Areas (ICARDA) is going to know the […]

The shape of water: How agtech is making irrigation more efficient

New technologies are revolutionary but leave some small farmers hamstrung by the mismatch between the problems they face and the solutions being provided by the startup […]

A new scheme for recycling flexible irrigation tubes

It was agricultural plastic film in 2009; followed by the twine and net wrap used on round bales in 2013, then anti-hail netting in 2015, and […]

Ghana’s cocoa sector to benefit from Drip Irrigation System

Ghana’s cocoa sector is set to benefit from Israel’s Drip Irrigation System. The adoption of the system will help in an all-year round farming. The system, […]

Drip Irrigation Saves Water and Improves Crop Yields in Mauritania

Water scarcity, high temperatures and sandy soils have been a problem for farmers, especially women farmers, in Mauritania trying to grow vegetables under harsh conditions to […]

4 Important Ways Precision Technology Is Impacting Irrigation

Variable rate irrigation (VRI) can allow growers to address field variability and potentially conserve resources and improve yield. Water management is becoming an increasing concern in […]

Pakistan – Drip irrigation to save the day

To counter the shortage of water and reduce wastage, drip irrigation systems are fast progressing in the agricultural sector. The system is being used in rain-prone […]


https://www.dailypioneer.com/ Drip and sprinkler Irrigation system being a better water energy saving technology has gained more preference by beneficiary farmers of various State Government Schemes over […]